Derma Shield Success Stories

March, 2019

Dear Derma Shield,

Derma Shield is a terrific product and I thought I would share my daughter's story.

My daughter is working in a laundry and dry cleaning establishment. She handles wet shirts and presses them into a quality end product for their customers. Her hands and fingers dry out, crack and bleed but cannot apply hand creams to soften her skin as it smears on the shirt fabric. Of course, she also cannot get blood on the shirts. Latex medical gloves don't work either.

I had a large can of Derma Shield as the last of a demo distributor package from many years ago (at least ten years I figure) and gave it to her with the usual application instructions. She loves it! Her skin cracks cleared up, her hands are soft and, better yet, no residue on the shirts. That's why I am ordering this new can.

If you have not explored the dry cleaning-laundry industry as potential Derma Shield clients, perhaps this experience will get you started.

All the best,

Garry H.

Alberta, Canada